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Iowa’s Most Recognized Charity Auctioneer

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Sacred Heart School

Dear David and Ann, On behalf of the Sacred Heart school Gala Committee we would like to thank you for the auctioneer services you provided. As you know, the evening was a huge success and we are very grateful to you for being a part of that. We want you to auction our next event next year!  

Jeremy Gustafson Auction Gala Chair August 22, 2016

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Boone Hospital Foundation Gala

Our nonprofit foundation had an excellent experience working with Whitaker’s. Our annual event was refreshed and increased our net profits. Additionally we had numerous compliments from attendees all evening about what a great auctioneer David is. They were easy to work with, and helped us plan our event every step of the way. I recommend them to other nonprofits every chance I get.

Sara Behn Gala Chair December 17, 2016

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Taste of Education

David, Thank you again for being our auctioneer at our TASTE for Education Event in September. Your auctioneer expertise really helped to make our event valuable and successful!! I really enjoyed working with you on this! Thank you!!

Ann Arbuckle Executive Director TASTE for Education September 28, 2015

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Bethany Christan Services

Hey David! We’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for ALL you did for us on Friday, as it was awesome having you join us!!!  Thanks also for being willing to do the entire auction and learn all of the names of these crazy desserts. You were a fun addition to this Gala, and we’re so thankful for your willingness to do this for us!  AND… you even gave a generous donation – WOW!  

Leah M. Garland Executive Branch Director Bethany Christian Services Of South Central Iowa October 8, 2015

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Legacy Gala

Ann & David Championfundraiser Thank you both so much for all your help with our 2018 legacy gala. Your help in the planning process and the idea’s you have for the auction are much appreciated. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with you in the future! Find some great pictures of our event here: B&G 2018 Thanks Ali

Ali Sanure March 8, 2018


“Principal Auctioneer, David Whitaker, Consistently Recognized As A Champion”

Champion Auctioneer

2015 US Bid Calling Championship 1st Runner-Up
2015 Midwest Auctioneers Roundup 1st Runner-Up
2015 Mule Day Champion Auctioneer
2014 International Auctioneer Finalist (Top 10)
2014 World Livestock Auctioneer Spokesman (Interview Top Score)
2014 Nebraska State Champion Auctioneer
2014 Mule Day Reserve Champion Auctioneer
2014 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion Qualifier (Top 10)
2013 Nebraska Champion Ringman
2013 Nebraska Reserve Champion Auctioneer
2012 Missouri State Champion Auctioneer
2012 International Livestock Rookie Auctioneer Champion
2012 Finalist International Auctioneers Championship
2012 Missouri Bid Calling Finalist (Top 5)
2011 Iowa State Champion Auctioneer
2011 Nebraska Bid Calling Finalist
2011 Nebraska Rookie of the Year
2009 1st Runner-Up State Champion Auctioneer