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Why Whitaker Marketing Group/Champion Fundraiser?

 Iowa Fundraising Professionals

Your fundraising group may only have one night a year to raise the money you need to successfully run your programs and fund new projects. Optimize the opportunity of that one night by working
with a Champion Auctioneer; a fundraising professional who has the knowledge, experience,
and creativity to produce events that will Entertain, Engage, and Excite your donors to give
more than ever!

Our Services

• Auctioneer • Total Event Consultation
• Ambassador • Marketing and Promotion
• Master of Ceremonies • Sound System

Get to Know Us!

David and Ann Whitaker,

David  and Ann are the Co-Founders of Whitaker Marketing Group and Champion Fundraiser which specializes in fundraising auctions as well as premier consulting services for non-profit clients. David helps exceed fundraising goals, while offering a wide variety of practical strategies for revenue enhancement.

David is an Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska State Champion Auctioneer.  He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, as well as the Iowa Auctioneers Association.

David has worked with organizations all over the country helping them achieve their financial goals.

David has been auctioneering for over 10 years and has conducted thousands of auctions.  He hosts an event with great professionalism, wit and charm, and he has an amazing talent for drawing a crowd into a program while keeping a continual flow of excitement.

Ann is our auction manager and scheduling guru. She is an expert at the “Flow Of The Show”.

Ann is a certified Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS). She is among only a few hundred auctioneers internationally that hold this designation.

Ann works with the organization before and after the event in the planning and consultation stages.

Ann has incredible attention to detail and is very passionate about making the job easy for the gala committees.

About Champion Fundraiser

Champion Fundraiser specializes in working with non-profit organizations to help them raise more money with our proven strategies and premier consulting plans so they can continue to save and impact more lives.Iowa Fundraising Professional

Non-profit organizations are always competing for funding. That means we need to work with you to keep your donors focused on your organization.

Auction attendees are also getting younger. With social media and busy lifestyles, they have shorter attention spans and are looking to be entertained. Gone are the days an auctioneer can just get up and sell items to the highest bidder. This new generation of donors is looking for more. They want to be part of a giving experience that all of their friends will be talking about and that they can post on social media.

Champion Fundraiser not only understands this need, but also creates our events to cater to it. We pride ourselves on entertaining your audience, helping you raise the most possible money, and retaining and engaging new donors.  We make sure the whole audience is included in the fun!